Recycling Bins in Macleans College Class Rooms

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55 supporters
11% achieved 500 for collection target
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Hello there,

Our group aims to target the issue of recycling specifically within schools, the knowledge around recycling and correct waste management.

We aim to introduce recycling bins in all classrooms at Maclean's College. We feel this would help improve the poor waste management and minimise the amount of waste that can not be used to benefit the environment as it is not correctly disposed of.

We are creating this petition in hopes of presenting it to the Senior Management staff to show the vast amount of people who care about the earth that WE must live on and keep it sustainable and tidy.


This petition is important in presenting our case to our Senior Management staff as it can help aid our pitch to implement these bins in the classrooms or our schools.

You do not have to sign this petition if you don't wish to.

You also have the right to withdraw from this petition at any time you would like.

If you would like to remain anonymous we will not declare your information to anyone, the main purpose of this petition is to show the number of people who care about helping and bettering our recycling systems rather than collecting names.

Thank you for your support, Macleans College from Auckland
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Waste is a big problem and we need to be doing what we can to utilise resources efficiently and dispose of those that cannot be used responsibly - recycling what we can for reuse elsewhere. It is unacceptable to not recycle waste in 2024. It is inportant that the young people of today grow up in an environment that nurtures responsible behaviour - this includes taking responsibility for the waste produced. If not already reinforced at home, there’s no better place than at school to learn this.

Recycling is very important, and when materials that could be recycled are mixed with non-recyclables they are often contaminated, and therefore cannot be recycled. Also I've seen a truck come to pick up rubbish from the school before and it was horrendous. Paper and wrappers flew everywhere in the wind when the bins were dumped - it was not great.

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