Asking the City of Corpus Christi to Reject Renovation Permit on North Beach

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04/15/2024, 17:53

Hi folks,
Thanks for signing the petition. Wanted to provide an update on the Helicopter issue.
The latest we've heard from the city is that the helicopter touring company "Redline" has not applied for TIRZ funding yet and has not received permits yet. We have filed a FOIA request to track those documents.
However, the owner told a KRIS reporter recently that, although his license for offering tours from the CC Airport has expired, he is still pursuing the goal of taking off and landing at the old Stripes station on North Beach, as well as at the Mustang Beach Airport.
Please continue to help us share the link to this petition so we can gather more signatures, as we will eventually present them to the North Beach TIRZ #4 Board to show our opposition to the proposed location.
NOTE - This petition is not against the company operating on North Beach. It is against the proposed location near our homes in a heavily residential area.
Despite what the city may say to "walk back" their earlier enthusiastic endorsement of this company operating here (city manager, District 1 Councilman and our own Community TIRZ Rep went on TV to promote the project), during the March 19 TIRZ Board meeting the PowerPoint that the city presented showed the helicopter company was in line for "potential incentive" TIRZ funding. See screenshot attached.
So the news is that the company is still moving forward with its goal of operating out of the old Stripes, although his efforts are still early in the process.

03/24/2024, 14:16

Our group of 17 concerned North Beach home owners stand in City Council Chambers while Ron Graban delivers our petition of 75 signatures to Mayor Guajardo and City Council. We're asking the Council to review and revoke the floodplain permits for 4513 Gulfbreeze due to the project not staying under the 50% threshold that FEMA sets for all remodels in a Zone VE. Once a project goes over 50%, it needs to be brought up to all current codes, including elevating the structures to 11 feet above sea level.

03/24/2024, 13:43

On February 13, 17 concerned citizens attended City Council to deliver the peittion asking the Council to revoke the floodplain permits issued for 4513 Gulfbreeze. The petition had 75 signatures.

12/28/2023, 11:02

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