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Fathers have limited rights to their own children despite a plethora of research supporting the importance of 50/50 custody. Not only do fathers have to fight their children's mothers, but they also have to fight the legal system racking up tens of thousands in legal fees. This is ignoring the trauma it causes our children when they are kept from their fathers. A change needs to happen in our legal system.
Many dads fall victim to undue bias in the courtroom. Though each and every judge is required to remain a neutral party in determining the outcome of any court case, it has been shown to be a difficult task for some judges, especially when it comes to male petitioners. It would be in the best interest of all custody cases if a board of neutral judges were present to review such cases and determine a reasonable and fair outcome. Not only would this help cut down on bias in these cases, but it would be more likely to ensure a stable and favorable family life outcome for the children involved.
Many dads fall victim to false accusations that end up having our lives ripped apart, sometimes permanently. There needs to be repurcussions for any parent found lieing and making up false accusations. If there were repurcussions for such actions the frequency of such instances would drop dramatically. But as it stands anything can be said about either party and nothing is done.


Children and fathers everywhere are suffering emotional and physical trauma by being kept apart. Children begging to see their dads only to be shut down by the courts or a vengeful ex. 35% of children in fatherless or single parent homes fare far worse in terms of emotional, physical and mental health. These children represent 63% of teen suicides, 71% of highschool drop outs, 75% of children in chemical abuse centers, 85% of those in prison, 85% of children with behavioral disorders, 85% of teen pregnancies, and 90% of homeless and runaway children. The research is there, but the court system doesn't care.
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Thank you for your support, DAD(dads against discrimination) from Colorado Springs
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