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Preserve Francis Scott Key Bridge name in Baltimore, MD

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Maryland General Assembly
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99 supporters
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Woke Amerika wants to strip the Francis Scott Key name from the bridge that bore his name.
FSK penned the words to the Star Spangled Banner within 100 yards of where the Francis Scott Key Bridge spans the Potapsco River, leading into Baltimore Harbor and Fort McHenry.
Do not let them continue to erase our history, our memorials and our tributes. Sign today, our future depends on it!


To Whom It May Concern,
We, the undersigned, come together in a crucial moment in our community's history, faced with the aftermath of the recent destruction of the beloved Francis Scott Key Bridge. This bridge has not only been a critical artery for transportation but also a symbolic landmark that has held the memories and the history of our area for decades.
Its name carries a legacy that reflects our collective identity and values, connecting us to our past and guiding us toward our future. In light of the events that led to the unfortunate destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, we strongly urge the relevant authorities and stakeholders to honor the bridge's historical significance and the deep emotional connection it holds for our community by retaining its original name in any plans for its reconstruction or replacement.
The name "Francis Scott Key Bridge" is deeply embedded in our local heritage. It serves as a reminder of the pivotal moments and figures in our history that have shaped us into the community we are today. Changing the name of the Francis Scott Key Bridge would mean severing a link to our past, diminishing the sense of continuity and identity fostered over countless years. Furthermore, preserving the name of the Francis Scott Key Bridge would demonstrate a commitment to respecting and upholding the traditions and history of our community. It would send a powerful message about the value of heritage in guiding progress and rebuilding efforts, ensuring that the spirit of the original bridge lives on, even as we look forward to new beginnings. #BRIDGENAMESTANDS

Thank you for your support, Frederick County Conservative Club Inc from Walkersville, MD
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