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exclude Andreas Zűnd from candidates

Reason for blocking:

Petitions containing false statements of fact, missing sources, or misleading omission of relevant facts will be terminated. openPetition reserves the right to subsequently request sources in controversial cases or to have essential facts supplemented.

The petition raises a lot of questions, but does not clarify why anyone shouldn't vote for him.

Reinstalling the Monarchy in Germany as a Constitutional Monarchy

Reason for blocking:

Petitions that violate the free, democratic basic order or seek to abolish it will be terminated. Petitions that call for hatred and violence or that condone, deny or trivialize the crimes of National Socialism will be ended. Petitions that question the Basic Law or the criminality of sedition will be terminated. Petitions that are directed against the European Conventions on Human Rights or international law will be terminated.

Every business must have own website

Reason for blocking:

Petitions with direct or indirect advertising for own products, services or parties will be terminated. Petitions with direct or indirect advertising for parties are admissible if the party has launched the petition itself. Petitions that are launched by sympathisers or members of a party and contain direct or indirect advertising for parties are not admissible.

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