Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel at Warren Wilson College

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No More Tuition Dollars to Fund Genocide!

We demand Warren Wilson College (WWC) divest from companies supporting Israeli apartheid and human rights violations in Palestine. For over 50 years, Palestinians have been occupied by Israel (Amnesty International, 2017; O'Dell, 2024). The current campaign has killed over 30,000 people, 14,000 of them children (AJLabs, 2024; Martínez & Batrawy, 2024; The Associated Press, 2024, Dujarric, 2024). The ongoing illegal occupation, as stated by the European Union and many other states (European Union, 2021; Amnesty International, 2019), and the genocide of the Palestinian people by Israel are funded by the United States. (Masters & Merrow, 2024; Schwarz, 2023). There is a pertinent need for institutions like WWC to align their investments with ethical values. Divestment campaigns have successfully happened at WWC such as the student-led fossil fuel divestment in 2015 (Intentional Endowments Network, 2020; Warren Wilson College, 2024). That movement made Warren Wilson a leading college in the initiative to disentangle from fossil fuel corporations through which they have received several sustainability awards.

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Warren Wilson prides itself on sustainability and being a leading college in the fight for human rights and this is an opportunity to commit to that. Warren Wilson's endowment portfolio still includes companies that sustain Israeli apartheid such as Alphabet Inc., one of the world’s largest IT companies that supplies surveillance services to the Israeli government and military that is known to discriminate against Palestinians. The role of divestment in pressuring corporations to end involvement in human rights violations and educating communities about the Palestinian struggle aligns with WWC's mission to produce globally-minded graduates committed to peace and justice. It is in the interest of Warren Wilson College to prioritize student voices as we demand a Free Palestine and an end to funding this massacre.

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I am excited to join the Warren Wilson Community but cannot in good conscience work at an institution complicit in funding the mass murder of the Palestinian people. Warren Wilson seems to stand for empathy, sustainability, revolutionary education, encouraging students to support their communities and build a better world from hope and action.

This is what accountability looks like~ knowing we can do better and setting an example of ethical investing.

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