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Demand Dallas Pride Cut Ties with Corporations Facilitating and Profiting from Genocide

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Dear Dallas Pride Organization,

As members of the Dallas LGBTQ+ community and people of conscience, we stand united in our commitment to justice, equity, and liberation.We are deeply disappointed by the sponsorship choices made by Dallas Pride. Corporate sponsors can be found in Dallas Pride’s website,

These corporate sponsors are: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Toyota, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Starbucks, and Santander. These sponsors are complicit in actively facilitating and profiting from genocide, ethnic cleansing, and illegal occupation. Dallas Pride’s investment in U.S. imperialism and genocide implicates them in the same systems that oppress the LGBTQ+ community at large.

  • Boeing has been providing weapons and planes for the Isreali Defense Forces since the founding of the occupation in 1948, as they proudly state on their website.Boeing manufactures fighter jets, attack helicopters, missiles, bombs, and guided bomb kits. The F-15 fighter jet is the preferred aircraft for the IDF. The IDF has used Boeing manufactured GBU-39 bombs and JDAM kits consistently in its fatal attacks against the Palestinian civilian population.*sources
  • Bank of America was a part of a $500 million loan deal (2023) to Elbit Systems, an Israeli weapons manufacturer. Elbit manufactures military electronics, drones, and surveillance technology.Elbit supplies 85% of drones used by the Israeli army. One of those drones was used in 2014, to murder four Palestinian boys, Ahed Bakr (9), Zakaria Bakr (10), Mohammed Bakr(11), and Ismail Bakr (9) while they were playing on the beach.*sources
  • Toyota’s Hilux and Land Cruiser pick up trucks are uses the frame of the David Urban Light Armored Vehicle. The David is a multi-terrain combat vehicle used by the Isreali Defense Forces. The David has been the preferred vehicle for the IDF for over a decade and has been used in multiple cases murders of unarmed civilians.*sources
  • Starbucks has a reputation of overworking employees, underpaying, withholding full-time hours so staff can’t get benefits, and dangerous work conditions. National Labor Relations Board found Starbucks has illegally repressed employees’ rights. On October 10th Starbucks Workers United posted on social media “Solidarity with Palestine.” Starbucks quickly responded with a cease and desist letter, followed by a lawsuit.*sources
  • Lockheed Martin manufactures war planes, attack helicopters, missiles, and bombs used by the IDF. These bombs have been used against Palestinian civilians causing mass casualties and loss of infrastructure. These weapons have been used in the current genocide against Palestinians and other war crimes since 2007.*sources
  • JP Morgan Chase has major investments in PetroChina, an arm of Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC). CNPC has been funding the genocide in Sudan for decades, participating in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of 2.5 million civilians and the displacement of millions more.*sources
  • Santander has given $9.46 billion in loans to businesses in illegal West Bank settlements. The settlements are considered illegal by international law and constitute a war crime. International companies operating in illegal West Bank settlements help sustain and encourage the violence displacement of Palestinians from their land.*sources

For all sources and more information about these corporations visit our

Let us confront the stark realities. As of May 27th, the Gaza ministry reports that 36,050 Palestinians have lost their lives in the ongoing genocide, and 81,026 have been injured. Their families mourn, and their communities suffer. Meanwhile, in Sudan, over 15,000 people have been ethnically cleansed and murdered.*The Israeli Occupation Forces, Rapid Support Forces, and Sudanese Armed Forces perpetuate violence, causing mass starvation and displacement among innocent civilians making living conditions unimaginable. No liberation for some without liberation for all of us, we will not celebrate Pride with corporations killing our queer siblings!

*Because these are ongoing genocides it is hard to get accurate death tolls. Reports are now saying that the death toll in Gaza and Sudan are much closer to 150,00(Sudan) 200,000(Gaza)


Our Demands
We call upon the Dallas Pride Organization to take immediate action:
1. Sever Ties with Corporations Profiting from Genocide: Dallas Pride must dissociate itself from companies that profit from human suffering. We cannot celebrate Pride while endorsing those who actively facilitate genocide and ethnic cleansing.

2.Actively Uplift All Oppressed Folks: Our fight for liberation extends beyond the LGBTQ+ community. We stand in solidarity with Palestinians, Sudanese, Haitian, Congolese individuals, and all oppressed folks. Their voices matter, and our struggles are intertwined.
Seek Local, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC Sponsorships: Instead of mega-corporations, seek sponsorships from local businesses, LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, and BIPOC-owned companies. Pride should reflect our community’s diversity and resilience.

3.Support Cease-Fire and Anti-Oppression Stance: We demand an immediate and permanent cease-fire in Gaza and Sudan. Dallas Pride must take a clear stand against oppression, colonialism, imperialism, and violence.

4.Call for End of Brutal Siege on Gaza: For 17 years, Gaza has endured a suffocating siege. We call for its immediate lifting—a step toward justice and compassion.

5.Call for End of 75-Year Occupation of Palestine: Our commitment to justice compels us to advocate for an end to the occupation that has spanned generations.

7.Call for U.S. Accountability: Dallas Pride should denounce U.S. complicity in Zionism and advocate for accountability on the global stage.

8.Call for Release of Palestinian Prisoners: We stand with those unjustly detained. Their liberation is intertwined with our collective liberation.

9.Call for Reversal of UNRWA Cuts: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) plays a crucial role. We demand Dallas Pride advocate for the immediate reversal of any cuts to its funding.

We urge you to heed our demands and take immediate action to address the grave injustices perpetrated against our community. We hope to see a future where Dallas Pride stands against injustice, centers human rights, and supports the Dallas BIPOC Palestinian and Sudanese communities.

Thank you for your support, Queers for Liberation from Dallas Tx
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Queer people should always be the leading decision makers for our pride celebrations, no one is comfortable with huge businesses masquerading in front of us while they kill other minorities! No ones free till we’re all free.

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