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Grant the New Owners of 409 Lynn Fells Parkway a Special Permit to Operate a Formal Wear Shop

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Town of Saugus MA
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58 supporters
12% achieved 500 for collection target
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The retail property at 409 Lynn Fells Parkway in Saugus is the former location of Petrie's Flower Shoppe and requires a special permit from the town to allow the new owner to operate a business other than a flower shop. We believe the Town should grant this permit and allow Russo's to move to Saugus.

About Russo's

For more than half a century, Russo Tux & Formal Wear has been more than just a store—it's been a trusted companion for generations of families during their most memorable occasions. From proms to weddings and everything between, Russo's impeccable service and affordable elegance have graced countless celebrations, sharing in every laugh, every dance, and every cherished moment.

Supporting Russo's expansion into Saugus is our way of securing not only the continued success of a beloved business but also enriching our community fabric with a partner who has always put community first. Russo Tux & Formal Wear intends to bring the same dedication and warmth to Saugus, contributing positively to the local economy and weaving itself into the tapestry of our community events and traditions.


Why Sign This Petition?

The property is a retail space that should be allowed to host any type of retail business. Formerly a flower shop, a transition to a smaller retail establishment will not put any stress on the neighboring homes and businesses.

Your Signature Makes a Difference

By signing this petition, you voice your support to allow the new Russo Tux & Formal Wear location and demonstrate the power of our united community. You help pave the way for a future where our celebrations are adorned with the quality and care that only Russo's can provide. Together, we can help Russo Tux & Formal Wear establish a new home in Saugus and show them that they have the full backing of our vibrant community.

Please add your support and become part of Russo's next chapter!

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I believe it’s a beneficial business to the Town of Saugus. The fact that you can practically touch the Marshall’s building from the proposed Russo’s Tuxedo building makes the abuters argument against this business moot.

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