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Maize Storage Units on 119/29th. Just say no!

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Case Number CU-02-024

A local builder, known for building homes and duplexes, wants to build storage units on the corner for 29th and 119th st. It is already zoned for park.
Please sign the petition so that the city knows we do not want another storage facility.


There are more than 15 storage facilities within 5 miles of the location. We do not need another one. We definitely do not need one that is near homes and farmland. There is plenty of room on Maize Blvd and other business districts.
Any need for more storage units is a symptom of the other problem, which is too many duplexes, apartments, and multi-family dwellings. They inherently do not have enough storage.
At the last city council meeting, one of the council members brought up property taxes as the main driver for allowing more duplexes and other buildings. More property tax income isn't a good enough reason to allow any building to be built. Case in point is the city of Los Angeles California. They have the highest property tax income in the US and that city is a craphole.

Thank you for your support, Kyle Tate from - Wichita
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