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1,508 supporters
150% achieved 1,000 for collection target
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If you want the Holden Beach Board of Commissioners to evaluate ALL viable options to SAVE THE PIER and are against the demolition of this historic landmark, please sign this petition. We will share our results at the Feb. 29th special meeting.


The Holden Beach Fishing Pier is a historic landmark and should be preserved, restored, and reopened. The recreational and economic impact this facility has on our local area has been proven by research studies and public input. Since the current town board of commissioners have suggested that demolishing this structure is an option, we need to work together to come up with a plan to SAVE IT!

Thank you for your support, Holden Beach Community Alliance from Holden Beach
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The Holden Beach Fishing Pier carries with it the rich heritage of the Community. Don't destroy the Pier. Either repair the existing wooden pier or build a new one that represents the area and the history of Holden Beach. I don't care if it is wood, concrete or a combination. But don't let them tear anything down without replacing it. Our roots are in fishing and we need to lose our foundation as a community..

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We need to preserve the history of our community and the culture for the children of the future. Fishing is one of the most fun and effective ways to get children excited about the environment and protecting the natural resources we are so lucky to have here in the Carolinas.

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