SGA: Endorse the UNCC Board of Trustees Divestment From Israel

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University of North Carolina at Charlotte Divestment Petition 

The International Court of Justice, alongside the United Nations, have both declared what is happening in Palestine, that being Israel’s ruthless destruction of Palestinian land, murder of its civilians, displacement of its inhabitants, prevention of basic humanitarian aid’s entry into the region, and settlement in occupied and displaced Palestinian towns, to be a genocide. In spite of this, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has continued its Mount Zion Project.

We, the undersigned organizations, students, workers, and faculty at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte are sickened by our university’s involvement in Israel and by the ongoing genocide in general, and demand the following articles of the Student Government Association to be passed as a bare minimum to end the university’s involvement in the genocide.

  1. The SGA will officially recognize the genocide being committed by the State of Israel with western backing in Gaza as just that: a genocide.
  2. The SGA will call for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s total divestment of funds from the State of Israel until at least the time in which the State of Israel arranges a ceasefire in Gaza and there are proper measures in place to hold the State of Israel and other party actors accountable for their role in the Palestinian genocide.
  3. The SGA will condemn the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s prior investments into the State of Israel, such as those in the Mount Zion Archaeological Project including its licensing from the Israel Antiquities Authority, and acknowledge these investment’s contribution to the displacement and genocide of the people of Gaza.
  4. The SGA will call for complete and total transparency from the Board of Trustees concerning their prior and existing investments into the State of Israel.

Created by:

The Revolutionary Student front of UNC Charlotte and Social Justice for South West Asia and North Africa

Endorsed by:

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Arabic Cultural Club

Arab Student Organization

Carolinas Social Justice for Palestine

Charlotte's Anthropology Legion

Charlotte United for Palestine

Charlotte Speech

Club de Español Para Amigos 

Earth Club

Jewish Voice for Peace, Charlotte

Muslim Student Association 

Palestinian Cultural Organization

Party of Socialism and Liberation, Carolinas


Organization of African Students

Revolutionary Student Front at UNC Charlotte

Revolutionary Study Group, Charlotte

Social Justice for South West Asia and North Africa

Sudanese Student Association

UNCC Imaginovo

Young Democratic Socialists of America at UNC Charlotte

The Working People's Association of Charlotte


The ongoing Genocide of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli government represents a moral and political failure to protect human lives, human dignity and the right to self-determination that should be protected for all peoples. With tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian lives lost to this horrifying campaign of death and carnage, the time to call for a condemnation of and full divestment from the violent and oppressive occupation government of Israel is now. We, the student body as represented by the signatories of this position, refuse to be silent and demand that the Student Government that represents us makes our voices heard and channels them into meaningful policy.


Mt. Zion:

UNCC Investments:

International Court of Justice Ruling:

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The Mt. Zion Dig is a colonial political project with little justifiable scientific merit. If the University wishes to remain “politically neutral” in compliance with state policy, it should not continue to accept donations for an archaeological dig that reinforces British colonial mandates over Palestinian land.

UNC Charlottes SGA is an A- Political Organization, the President of SGA Cannot put out anything on behalf of SGA as it is against state Law in North Carolina. The reason being is because the President sits among the Board of Trustees.

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