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St. Thomas's Construction has severely inconvenienced students who live on South Campus and commute

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We are asking St. Thomas to refund commuter parking passes by $50 and to lower the cost of living on South Campus Significantly.


The construction on South Campus has severely inconvenienced the students living on South Campus and those who commute. St. Thomas has taken away over 250 parking spots from commuters without changing the price of parking on campus. The construction has also greatly inconvenienced students who live in Grace Hall or Cretin Hall. The construction is very loud and starts at 7 am every day during the school week. The construction also has made walking to Grace and Cretin Hall very inconvenient to the residents by changing the routes to the buildings without letting the students know. The walking path has now added an extra half-mile for the students to get to class and has made it impossible to bring groceries or anything into the dorms easily. The construction also presents a major safety issue, as there is no accessibility for fire trucks or police officers in case of emergency.

1. Continuing to make access to the building more inconvenient. There is now only one entrance and exit (being the back door. This is not only extremely inconvenient but also a safety concern. I will feel especially uncomfortable walking back to my dorm at night. 

2. Construction workers having access to the building. We have documentation of a worker keying into Grace to use the bathroom. We have also seen them exiting Cretin hall next door. 

3. Lack of parking. Not only can we no longer park in the lot out front of Grace, but spots in the parking ramp have also been limited. Commuters who lost their spot I am very sure are taking our spots in the lower ramp which was already limited prior to construction. Not being able to park close to our dorm is very inconvenient and also a safety concern. I have had to park on north campus and walk 3/4 of a mile back to Grace at night in the dark which made me uncomfortable. 

4. Lack of communication from the university. We were not given any heads up of the major inconvenience this construction would place on us. North campus residents are not affected at all by this construction and we are paying the same as them for parking and should be paying an even more significant amount of money to live in the conditions that we were given no option but to live in.

Thank you for your support, Jonathan James Grosser from , St Paul
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This petition is important to me, because I live in Grace hall. Due to the construction, utilities, accessibility to class, parking, and any dorm related activities (weather that be studying, taking a nap, attending online classes or meetings) has been affected in a very negative way. In light of these experiences It's very easy to see that the students that live on South Campus (most of which are forced to live there due to the 2 year housing requirement) are being denied the basic standard of living that was promised to them, and that other students have that don't live on South Campus. The University St. Thomas's utter disregard for students is unacceptable and something must be done to make it right.

My son lives in Grace. I had a difficult conversation with Student Housing last year about Grace being a substandard dorm and with the future construction would be a horrible living situation. The cost of this and what this has been is not what I wanted to pay for or what my some wanted for living.

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