Stop Developers from Building on the Barry Road Landfill

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669 supporters

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Town and Country Residents do not want developers to build anything on the old Barry Road Landfill site.
The site is recognized as toxic and is required to be monitored for water quality and methane gas emissions due to the deep layers of hazardous garbage that were dumped on the site from 1964 to 1970. Hillsborough County Solid Waste department has stated that "Redevelopment would potentially have adverse effects to the environment and human health by disturbing waste filled areas, initiate groundwater plume migration outside property boundaries, impacts to nearby surface water channels, and development of explosive landfill gases under residential structures."
In addition, we are concerned about the protected wildlife habitats building on this property may disturb as no studies have been done.
Further, we believe that the traffic studies done on the impact of this development are inherently flawed as building 50+ new homes in an existing neighborhood will not lower traffic as the study indicated.
Please sign this petition to help us let Hillsborough County decision makers know that many people are against building anything on the former landfill property.


Anyone living in the Town and Country area should be very concerned about the environmental impacts of disturbing this former Landfill Site.

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