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We are petitioning to oppose the Seabreeze rezoning request, which threatens to detrimentally alter the landscape and character of our beloved community. The proposed rezoning seeks to introduce commercial developments, including additional gas stations and fast-food restaurants, into our residential area. This rezoning not only poses a threat to the tranquility and charm of our neighborhood but also jeopardizes property values and exacerbates existing noise pollution from traffic.


  1. Increased Traffic: The proposed rezoning threatens to exacerbate traffic congestion in our community, leading to longer commute times, safety hazards, and decreased overall quality of life for residents.
  2. Increased Noise and Light Pollution: The introduction of additional commercial developments will inevitably contribute to higher levels of noise and light pollution, disrupting the peace and serenity that we cherish in our neighborhood.
  3. Decreased Property Values: Rezoning for commercial purposes poses a direct threat to property values, undermining the investments and financial stability of homeowners in the area.
  4. Regressive Development: In an age where sustainability and community well-being should guide urban planning, the proliferation of gas stations and fast-food restaurants represents a regressive step backward. Our community deserves thoughtful, forward-thinking development that enhances our quality of life, not diminishes it.
  5. The Residents Do Not Want This: The overwhelming majority of residents have voiced their opposition to the proposed rezoning through public comments, surveys, and community meetings. It is imperative that decision-makers heed the voices of those they serve and respect the will of the community.
Thank you for your support, Brian Gordon from Town of Wilmington
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