Style Hair (Updo’s, Curling) Without a License

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44 supporters
29% achieved 150 for collection target
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I would love to be able to show off my given talent by fixing hair without having to get my hairstylist or cosmetology license. I’m not looking to color, cut, dye, highlight or perm anyone’s hair. I’m simply just wanting the authority in the state of Wyoming to be able to style hair such as updos, side hair dos, curling hair down for special events without having a license. It cost $10k plus to get a license, for one, that’s a lot of money for someone who doesn’t have the desire to learn and do everything such as dying, highlighting, cutting, perming, washing, blowouts and/or anything outside just styling.. There’s plenty of amazing hairstylists out there that do amazing jobs at the whole experience of getting your hair professionally done with those certain things such as blowouts, washing, cutting, dying, highlighting and/or perming. That’s $10k plus that I don’t have nor the time to complete the classes while working for the state full time, I would have to learn all the cutting, perming, highlighting and dying of hair which I have no desire to do. I just want to simply be legally allowed to as a side job do hair for different ones for events by curling, creating updos and styling hair down with curls. If the state could or would allow individuals like me to take a class or get a certification just with styling without all the extra things (cutting, blowouts, dying and/or highlighting) that would be what this petition is about. Please sign to help people like me find a solution!


In the state of Wyoming you cannot legally offer any sort of hair services without a license. If all someone wants to do is style hair that shouldn’t require a license especially if you simply state that you aren’t cutting, highlighting, perming and/or dying hair. Anyone should be allowed to if they specialize in a specific area such as braiding, dreadlocks, curling they should be allowed to style without having to have the full cosmetology license or at the very least offer a class or certificate allowing one to just style hair.

Thank you for your support, Cortney Raine from Cheyenne Wyoming
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I believe that is important to let people do hair without a license due to the passion and love that they have and can share with others and possibly not wanting a cosmetology license a lot of times when you go to a salon to get your hair done they charge ridiculous prices and a lot of times can’t even get it in

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