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We have asked the City Council to help us put Term Limits on the ballot because we feel their experience and point of view plays a vital role in constructing the limits of service for future Council members.


Imagine one of a million scenarios where in 2054, or 2062 or 2070 three Council members each serving the city for 25 years have led us to the brink of bankruptcy - a financial situation like what Chino is facing today. On their watch, pension, park maintenance, and lighting expenses have outgrown the city's capability to service current and future obligations. Ten years earlier the other two members suggested reorganizing the city to reduce expenses and increasing sales tax, but the voting block of 3 decided the changes were unwarranted. District lines, fake campaigns designed to spread the vote, and huge PAC funds assure a near 100% chance all 3 members will be reelected even as they meet to decide if bankruptcy protection is the best and perhaps only option for the city.  
No more than I can testify that this will be our reality, not one of us can assure residents this or a similar situation will not be part of our future. What we know today, Today we know the city has no protection to deter or eliminate the power and influence created by years of service. We have asked the City Council to address this issue with Term Limits.

Thank you for your support, Term Limiters from Chino Hills
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