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Bring Kwosson Bakery to Downtown Superior

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Help me convince Origin to lease space to Kwosson Bakery at Downtown Superior.
Origin rejected my initial request to lease retail space, but why let a little thing like that stop us? I know Superior would love to have a bakery / café Downtown. Kwosson would love to be that bakery!


I'm Mark Ramos, owner and pastry chef at Kwosson. My wife and I bought a home in Superior three years ago and immediately loved the area. I have a passion for freshly baked pastries and bread, and I would love to share that passion with this community.
I'm also passionate about small, local business. Downtown Superior has a lot of potential. I hope to see it filled with an array of unique local businesses, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is to help make that a reality!
Sign this petition to help me convince Origin that Superior wants Kwosson at Downtown!
Why did Origin reject my request to lease?
I was told via email there was concern about too much overlap with Boulder Baked. This confused me because I make croissants, similar French pastries, and bread with a plan to offer breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and coffee. Boulder Baked focuses on cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.
When I finally got the leasing agent on the phone (after 2 weeks of emailing), I asked if Boulder Baked was concerned about my bakery being in the same area. The answer was no. The leasing agent said Origin alone did not think it was a good fit.
A few months later, by chance, I learned that Origin offered a retail space to another café concept planning to sell donuts. At this point I was very confused. Bread and French pastries overlap too much with Boulder Baked, but not donuts?
And that led me to this petition. If Superior wants Kwosson, add your signature and your voice!

Thank you for your support, Kwosson from City of Superior
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  • I want to thank everyone who took the time to sign this petition. Thanks in no small part to all your help, Origin has agreed to let me lease a live/work space at Downtown Superior! I will be right on Main Street!

    My target is to open Saturdays starting in May. Please visit my website ( and sign up for my mailing list so I can keep you informed.

    In the meantime unfortunately I will not be taking orders as I am traveling out of the country for several weeks and then transitioning to the new space.

    Hope to serve you soon!

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