Clean up dog poop in West Los Angeles. Keep our Neighborhoods fecal free!

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14 supporters
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Clean up dog poop!

If you live in the neighborhood between Wilshire, Montana, Federal, and Centennial you would probably notice the numerous health hazard of fecal matter from your neighbors not picking up their dog poo and disposing of it. It is getting out of hand and we need the city to get involved.


more and more of my neighbors dogs seem to be getting sick. It is becoming a major problem due to...

Urine and feces are both categorized as bodily fluids and are considered biohazards due to the presence of bacteria, viruses, and toxins. Consuming or coming in contact with human waste can cause serious health risks such as norovirus, dehydration, and parasitic infections.

Thank you for your support, Citizen initiative from West Los Angeles
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