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Image of the petition Replace Yield sign with a Stop sign.
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Replace Yield sign with a Stop sign.

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Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia Justin Wilson
34 supporters
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34 supporters
7% achieved 500 for collection target
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We are so fed up with the Quaker speedway and people that refuse to yield to those of us just trying to get into the neighborhood on Gunston. 

Plus, More and more drivers completely ignore right turn only when they get to Preston as they drive down Quaker, it’s making it more challenging to get into PFX. 

We would like the city of Alexandria to replace the Yield sign with a Stop sign.


That section is very accident prone and we ParkFairfax residents take this road all the time to get home.

Thank you for your support, ParkFairfax residents from Town of Alexandria
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This is a dangerous intersection-not only are people ignoring the yield sign, they are speeding. You could put in a speed camera and generate revenue additionally putting in a series of speed bumps might help. I’ve lived in the area for 30 plus years and that area is a nigjtmare

I am concerned about my safety when driving into and out of my neighborhood. The current signage is inadequate and drivers unfamiliar with neighborhood traffic patterns persistently speed downhill.

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