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Say "No!" to Lithium-ion Energy Storage Facility in DeSoto, TX

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415 supporters
1% achieved 28,000 for collection target
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Emerald Hill Energy Storage and Vesper are proposing a 250 megawatt lithium-ion energy storage facility be placed on the south west corner of Eagle Dr. and Westmoreland in DeSoto, TX.

Lithium storage facilities should NOT be housed in residential areas! These facilities are prone to fires and explosions with toxic plumes, detrimental to humans/pets, as well as environmental and personal economic concerns.

The proposed site is yards from DeSoto High School, and at least 3 neighborhoods share boundaries with the proposed site. The proposal would house 100 lithium-ion battery containers in the residential area!

The latest battery energy storage system (BESS) fire ignited at the Otay Mesa Gateway Energy Storage in San Diego on 5/15/24, burned for five days—the city was fully evacuated--after two weeks the fire was still smoldering.

Emerald Hill’s website and mailings suggest there is an established partnership with the City of DeSoto, but it is misleading—they have not filed the required materials with the city.

Please join us in saying, "NO!" to Emerald Hill's and Vesper's proposal to erect a BESS in DeSoto, TX by signing this petition!


The residents of DeSoto would like to preserve and protect our children, quality of life, property values, and the city's economic and residential growth. Having a battery energy storage system placed in a residential area will adversely effect all of these areas.

Thank you for your support, Tracy Nelson from De Soto Parish
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Greed shouldn’t be more important than our children. The climate is hotter in Texas. We need to stop allowing companies that damage our environment. I say NO to endangering our community.

1. Dangerous to our school district 2. Racism, 3. Take this to Allen, Frisco, McKinney and school districts in the North. 4. Our small city would burn down.

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