Region: Golden Valley in Mohave County

To prevent the subdivision of land within the GVID to less than an acre and a quarter.

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Mohave County Board of Supervisors
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227 supporters

Petition has contributed to the success

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Angle homes has proposed putting a 3,000 homes subdivision withing the GVID. The code within GVID only allows for building on lots no less than an acre and a quarter in size. We all bought into it knowing that.
There are many reasons why not to support this subdivision and less to.
Water is at the foremost of reasons why not to. As it is GVID needs a new well. Will this proposed subdivision mean we need two new wells? How will that effect the level of the Sacramento Valley aquifer going forward? How will they handle the waste water and what does it mean for the protection of the aquifer? Kingman already has problems with water and as citizens we shouldn't want the type of housing transferred out to here that contributes to their water problems. As soon as Kingman runs out of water you know they will be sticking a big ole straw into the Sacramento Valley aquifer.
Next issue is traffic control. The roads in the area really aren't set up for that level of traffic. Access to highway 68 would be limited to three roads with only two offering best access Estrella and Milky way. Colorado is further down and would require navigating dirt roads. As it is entering or crossing over highway 68 has led to many accidents and deaths. The population increase that 3,000 homes would bring would only worsen that issue and the transition of Highway 68 into a main city street vs the highway it was intended to be. That would further negatively impact current Golden Valley residents and our travel times.
Then there is the issue of general medical care throughout the county let alone within Golden Valley. As the population has increased the problem has only gotten worse. You can add the problem of increased students into a system ill prepared to handle it.
As for pluses most likely land value in the vicinity will go up and property tax accordingly. Great if you are an investor. I see that as short sighted though and that playing the long game is wiser. Keeping the acreage minimum at an acre and a quarter and preventing over urbanization and draws on our water supply will attract a different and better type of buyer. Over urbanization brings increased crime problems and as it is our Sheriffs Department is understaffed.
I put this petition forth as a land owner and stakeholder of the GVID and resident of Golden Valley. This petition will be sent to the Board of Supervisors. While I encourage any resident of Golden Valley who believes they will be negatively impacted by the allowance of such sub divisions and increased crime and traffic to sign it. Its especially so for the residents and stakeholders within the GVID. As you sign this petition I ask that if you live within the borders of the GVID you note it.


To protect our community, our investments in the GVID, our safety, and its land, the rural feel, and water supplies of the GVID.

Thank you for your support, Lisa McDonald from Golden Valley AZ
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