Fully Fund the Worcester County Public School Board of Ed Budget - FY25

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394 supporters
39% achieved 1,000 for collection target
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We, as constituents of Worcester County, request our elected County Commissioners to review and fully fund the FY25 proposed budget of Worcester County Public Schools Board of Education.

In order to meet the requirements of the MD Blueprint and maintain the aspects of WCPS that the parents, teachers, students, and community have said are priorities, we ask the County Commissioners to listen to the voice of their constituents and vote to fully fund the FY25 BOE Budget.

The constituents must ask their elected commissioners to vote in a manner that represents the voices of their constituents, and not the commissioners' personal feelings or agendas.

WCPS must be fully funded to continue the levels of excellence within our schools and to fund the priorities as expressed by the schools, teachers, students, and community.


  • Worcester County starting teacher salaries are the lowest of the state
  • WCPS value small classes, providing the same programs and opportunities to ALL schools in the district, including providing mental health services, along with other service resources for any and all students in need
  • WCPS students deserve fully funded enrichment programs like afterschool academy and summer academy
  • Without a fully funded budget, WCPS will have to reduce positions and available resources. This could lead to larger class sizes, reduction/elimination of enrichment programs like afterschool academy and summer academy, reduction of mental health services, and will be a detriment to the education of the students.
Thank you for your support, Worcester United from Worcester County
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My children are students of Worcester County Public Schools and I am a teacher in Worcester county. I have worked at Buckingham Elementary School for 27 years and for most of those years we have been very overcrowded and have suffered with an HVAC system that is sub par. I would like to see the students of Buckingham Elementary school finally get an updated building with space enough for all of them.

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