No Chicken Litter BioGas Plant in Pelham, TN

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Grundy County TN Commissioners and Industrial Board
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548 supporters

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Biogas is a false solution to the poultry industry's manure. Methane from the litter and slaughterhouse offal is digested with bacteria, captured, and piped through the natural gas pipeline. In my opinion this is a greenwash as a viable alternative energy solution being backed by Biden's huge Green Energy Initiative. I think the process is not sustainable, especially for residents of the small town of Pelham, TN which has been hand-picked for this industry. Biodigesters are linked to air pollution, pollution in the form of nitrate and phosphate intrusion into water, and soil, and pathogens that can negatively affect animal and human health. It can create a dangerous environment by being located to close to homes, school, churches, and businesses. We also fear the creating of an explosive product with the potential for leaks in a town with a tiny volunteer fire department and insufficient water pressure to mitigate fire. Pelham also suffers from long emergency response wait times. We do not want the biogas plant proposal to threat Pelham resident's health, quality of life, and loss of property values. If you are against having this industry in the center of Pelham, TN please sign this petition.
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