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Protected Crosswalks for Students in Eugene

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159 supporters
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We are asking that the City of Eugene install protected crosswalks and flashing lights on roads in front of schools where needed in Eugene. Too many children have to cross extremely busy roads around their schools without protected crosswalks or flashing lights. Roads around schools should be safe for children to cross. Appropriate signage should be installed on these roads.


We call upon the City to take preventive action rather than wait until a student is injured or killed on a dangerous road in front of a school.There have been many “near-misses” where drivers do not see students trying to cross. Some schools already have protected crosswalks with flashing lights, but many schools do not. Some of these schools are located on very busy roads. This is a vital safety issue and we ask that the City of Eugene take action right away to protect our students crossing the streets.

Thank you for your support, Southeast Neighbors & Charlemagne PTO from Eugene, Oregon
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Every day I'm out for walks or bike rides with my 3 year old son and EVERY DAY at least one driver fails to stop at a marked crosswalk for us. Unmarked crosswalks are a whole different story. It's very dangerous out there and it's scary to think about when my son is old enough to explore on his own.

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