Say NO to the GAS STATION!

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214 supporters
43% achieved 500 for collection target
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I oppose the development of a gas station at the corner of Lake Sterling Blvd. and Spout Springs Road.


  1. Increased crime. The FBI lists gas stations as the #4 location for crime.
  2. Decreased property value for residents of Sterling on the Lake. Who wants to live near a gas station?!
  3. Increased health risks. Studies show there are health problems associated with emissions from fuel pumps and underground storage tanks.
  4. A gas station does not belong at the entrance to a neighborhood. It ruins the aesthetics of the entrance. Don't set a precedence.
  5. Traffic nightmare. Impact during rush hours from the day care drop-off and pick-up traffic. Tractor trailers and delivery trucks exiting onto Lake Sterling Blvd. This is a residential street and not designed for this type of traffic. Traffic using Lake Sterling Blvd. for turn around increases the traffic load and accident risk.
  6. Traffic will cause an increased opportunity for accidents with other vehicles and pedestrians.
  7. Left hand turn off of Blue Heron Way onto Lake Sterling Blvd. will be dangerous due to the increased traffic and the proximity to the exit from the commercial property. The city could remove the islands, further decreasing the beauty of our entrance.
  8. Increased noise and light pollution for area residents.
  9. Environmental Impact - run-off from gas station can pollute area bodies of water.
  10. Economic feasibility - there is no need for a gas station at the location.
Thank you for your support, Susan Barcus from Flowery Branch,
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Eye sore, not necessary, safety, traffic congestion in front of our neighborhood,

Increased traffic. Preserve neighborhood environment. Safety and security.

Why people sign

Smart growth, with the citizens interests and values as the primary concern.
When purchasing in The Springs 2017, I knew the commercial risks of said property, but was also “assured” that any development of the property would complement the neighborhood, not totally degrade it.
We fought a simple smoothie business within our neighborhood, why would we accept a business such as a fuel station at the entrance!

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