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Louisville Gas & Electric, David Bramer (Jefferson County Commissioner)
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109 supporters

Collection finished

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01/15/2024, 18:23

Hi everyone and welcome to 2024!

We wanted to send out a quick email thanking you for your support and letting you know about our plans for the new year.

Before 2023, this utility right-of-way was revered by regional ecologists, but mostly unknown outside of that community. In the spring, it was broadcast-sprayed by LG&E, and the response was strong. This organization started up, named the Meadow, created social media accounts, a logo, merchandise, and a petition. We've regularly visited the meadow so that we can keep an eye on its restoration and reached out to local stakeholders to gain support. We have so much more passion, support and knowledge than we did a year ago.

We plan on leading at least two hikes in Chelsea Meadow in 2024. We need to hold LG&E accountable and keep an eye on invasive species. But we also want more people to experience this amazing place.

Our petition is only ten signatures short of 100, so please share it. If you haven't received a sticker, let us know.

Thank you so much for your support!

Restore Chelsea Meadow

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