Monitor and manage Chelsea Meadow

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Louisville Gas & Electric, David Bramer (Jefferson County Commissioner)
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56 supporters
70% achieved 80 for collection target
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Chelsea Meadow is in a precarious state as it recovers from LG&E's irresponsible 2023 broadcast herbicide application. Going forward, it must be properly monitored and managed so that it can return to being one of the most important natural areas in the region. Invasive species and woody plants need to be selectively and responsibly managed according to environmental regulations and best practices in conservation. And sensitive plants and animals need to be protected from herbicides and heavy machinery, especially while the seed bank recovers.

It is essential to recognize that managing the right-of-way and keeping the ecosystem healthy are not conflicting goals.


Chelsea Meadow is an important and rare example of a wet sedge meadow in Southern Indiana. It is home to numerous rare or uncommon plants like Purple Fringeless Orchid, Wolf's Spikerush, Walter's Marsh St. John's Wort, and Steeplebush. It also likely has a population of endangered Kirtland's Snakes.

In 2023, LG&E's subcontractors sprayed the entire Meadow with herbicides, killing acres of native plants and providing an opportunity for exotic invasive plants like Carpetgrass and Purple Loosestrife to establish themselves.

Thank you for your support, Restore Chelsea Meadow from Lexington, Indiana
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I value, native habitat and natural spaces. I think it’s especially important to preserve unusual spaces. I follow sources that help to identify Indiana birds and native plants. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.😢

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