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Louisville Gas & Electric, David Bramer (Jefferson County Commissioner)
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109 supporters

Collection finished

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  2. Collection finished
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04/30/2024, 20:05

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know what we've been up to.

We have over 100 signatures for our petition. We've been trying to find someone in Biodiversity, Sustainability, or Community Outreach at LG&E willing to actually do their job and meet with us regarding it. So far, no luck.

If you have any contacts there, we'd love some help, because at this point, it seems like LG&E won't talk to someone unless they own them money.

We stopped by the meadow a couple weeks ago and saw a new-to-us plant, the Lanceleaf Violet (Viola lanceolata). It likes these wet, sandy areas and is pretty uncommon in our part of Indiana. It's much easier to find up near Lake Michigan. We're glad that this population survived the spray.

Thanks for your support!
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