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Urgent Action Needed to Address the Public Restroom Crisis in Blue Ridge

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Blue Ridge City Council
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116 supporters
23% achieved 500 for collection target
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The Blue Ridge Business Association is requesting your support to sign this petition to urge the Blue Ridge City Council to put a prioritization to address a serious public health issue facing our beautiful city. The shortage of public restrooms in our city is a serious issue and causes additional costs and liabilities for our local businesses. In addition, the image of Blue Ridge is tarnished by the overcrowding, limited ventilation and availability to our wonderful tourists supporting our local economy.

Please sign your support today!


A February 16, 2024, article from concluded the following:

The lack of adequate public restroom access in the U.S. is a serious public health issue that needs urgent addressing. It requires not only a change in societal attitudes and policies but also the active participation of individuals, communities, and businesses. By acknowledging the problem and taking proactive steps towards enhancing restroom infrastructure, we can ensure better health and quality of life for all.

Thank you for your support, Cesar Martinez from Blue Ridge, GA
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As a frequent visitor to Blue Ridge, I had experienced the restrooms downtown first hand. There is always a line for the ladies room during heavy tourist periods and a few times, one of the toilets or sinks have been out of order. For as many tourists and residents as Blue Ridge hosts annually, the public restroom facilities need to be more reliable, larger and update to newer/better functioning features.

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